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Facebook is Changing the Way You Message and Chat

Let’s face facts – Facebook Search is a mess. If you need to find someone or something that is unconnected to you through a Like or Friendship, you’ll probably end up pulling your hair out…or just searching through Google.

But Facebook is shaking things up with the launch of Messenger Codes and Links. Similar to unique user Snapchat codes, users can now scan a Messenger Code to find exactly who or what they’re looking for – no more autocorrect issues here!

Some important things to note include:

  • Your vanity URL will become your Page’s username (i.e., vanity url: username: @MGHus)
  • Messenger Links will allow you to direct someone to private message you more efficiently – it’s a short link that, when opened, starts a conversion with your business
  • Messenger codes can also be shared with consumers to initiate a message
  • Businesses can use Messenger Links and Codes in any digital medium to help customers initiate a private conversation quickly and easily
  • You can customize New Messenger Greetings to appear when a customer initiates a conversation

Other Facebook news

In anticipation of Facebook’s F8 conference next week, insider information around Chat Bots and Live Chat plugins has also been leaked! At first you may be envisioning full-fledge robots frantically typing on computers at all hours of the night, or at least that’s where I went, but essentially Chat Bots will enable businesses to create a structure for automatic message responses to inquiries. Live Chat plugins will allow businesses to incorporate a “Message Us” button on their site, which will link directly to the Facebook Messenger app.

More to come on Chat Bots and Live Chat plugins following the conference, which will be held April 12-13, 2016.

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