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Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters Are Here!

Picture this:

Thousands of customer photos – prominently featuring your brand’s logo – broadcast to millions of mobile devices across the world. Sounds great, right?

Such was the dream of 2015’s small- to mid-sized business owners, who learned of branded Snapchat geofilters and immediately saw the upside potential.

But up until today, business usage of these filters has been limited to advertisers willing to drop $500,000+ on a single day promotion. Great for Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell; not so great for a Jim’s Sub Shack on Harford Road.

That said, the social advertising game changes today with the launch of Snapchat’s new On-Demand Geofilter service. Now, not only can businesses create their own geofilters for public consumption, but they’re also able to set up and manage their campaign with little to no need for support from a Snapchat representative.

For as low as $5, brands set their filter creative (within Snapchat’s design specifications), exact usage radius based on square footage, and campaign length. Once approved, users within the specified radius can upload photos and videos using the branded filters.

MGH tested the new service today with our own filter and found the process to be surprisingly easy. Just log in to your business Snapchat account, visit, and begin setting your creative, radius and timing.

As shown below, MGH’s filter with a radius of 85,286 sq. ft. and one day campaign length didn’t get quite as low as $5, actually coming in at $35.

Our campaign launches tomorrow, so if you’re in the area, come by and get your MGH filter!

And stay tuned to our blog for campaign results and analysis. We’ll let you know if it was really worth the $35.

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